If These Walls Could Talk 1

What would the dressing room walls say about our conduct as coaches, parents, or players?  Would we welcome the stories the rink would tell us about how we played, coached, cheered, and celebrated the great game of hockey?

What would the walls say if they could talk?  This isn’t a small question but rather a real exercise in consideration and self-assessment.  How have we conducted ourselves over the hundreds, even thousands, of hours at the rink-and going to and from the arenas?

We should hope that, for the most part, we were fair, generous, and sportsmanlike.  We should hope that we tried to be good teammates – and succeeded most of the time.  Of course, we made mistakes, and misspoke, and let our emotions color our actions and language.  But what is the balance of our story?

What would the walls say if they could talk?

Please share your stories with us – tell us those experiences that help reveal how we can be good stewards for the great sport of sled hockey.

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One thought on “If These Walls Could Talk

  • Steve Wischmann

    Through the years as a player, coach, and hockey dad I know that I have not always lived up to my highest ideals at the rink. Most of the time I was a good sport and eager to celebrate the great sport of hockey. But I have had my share of bad moments too – things I wished I wouldn’t have said and things I wished I wouldn’t have done.

    But now as I watch my son play at a high level and I see the growth of hockey, and sled hockey especially, I am working to be more thoughtful and more focused on the best aspects of being at the rink. I focus on the competition and watching athletes grow into the game – I relax more.

    But every once in a while I catch myself about to yell something better left un-yelled, and I am better for it. It’s a great game.