Summer 2016: Unwind, Reflect, Refresh, Prepare

Summer 2016: Unwind, Reflect, Refresh, Prepare

I wrote last October about my love of the fall season and the beginning of a new hockey year.  That’s a special time as players and teams get reconstituted and ready for the games ahead.


I also love this time of year and the opportunity to enjoy a different routine, long days, and the activities of summer.  This is that period where hockey players take a break, and maybe for just a few weeks, but the rhythm changes and allows us to unwind.


The excitement of competition and the blur of practices and games all winter long become one big memory of the season just played. Summer affords us the opportunity to think back and consider our performance – we can reflect on our play and contribution to our team and those around us.


Warm summer days and the promise of more time spent outside than inside is invigorating – something that only people from a northern climate can fully appreciate, and maybe hockey players especially.  For many of us, the fall and winter season is a long stretch of rides in the car to and from home and rink.  We love it, to be sure, but then spring arrives and we see that it stays light into the night.  That’s different than rink lights, Zamboni sounds, and the unique fragrance of a hockey dressing room.  Summer allows us to get refreshed – both figuratively and literally.


As we settle into summer, we relax and air out our hockey bags and take stock of new equipment…and then, we get restless.  Sometime in July or early August, many hockey players begin to feel the itch, the sensation that we have rested enough.  We have a hockey season to prepare for and its coming fast.  We begin our consideration of the calendar and what we need to do and get before we hit the ice. 


Summer is great – I love it – but it reminds me that it’s the season between hockey’s start and stop in my life.   I will unwind, reflect, refresh, and prepare to get back to the rink.


God knows I love hockey. 


Enjoy your summer.


Steve Wischmann

Leadership Consultant

Hockey Dad

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