The World is Coming to Buffalo!

The World is Coming to Buffalo!

The Sledcommunity can celebrate its positive impact on the great sport of hockey with it growing in popularity as more disabled athletes discover and gain access to the sport.  Nothing has done more for the visibility of disabled hockey in America generally, and sled hockey especially, than the success of the U.S. National Sled Team as they have won back-to-back Paralympic Gold Medals.

Buffalo, New York will become the epicenter of disabled hockey this spring as it hosts the 11th Annual Disabled Hockey Festival at the Northtown Center complex from April 9th through April 12th.  This event offers a tremendous opportunity for people with various disabilities to get on the ice and play hockey.

The Queen City will also host the Eighth International Paralympic Committee (IPC) Ice Sledge Hockey World Championships from April 24th through May 3rd (games start on the 26th) at the new HarborCenter.  This event will feature eight of the world’s best sled hockey teams from Canada, Russia, Norway, Japan, Czech Republic, Italy, Germany, and the U.S. 

Hockey is for everyone

and the festival and championship

showcase that fact.

These important events are occurring as the newly formed not-for-profit Sled Hockey Foundation begins its mission to provide opportunity for individuals with disabilities to participate in the adaptive sport of sled hockey and, through this participation, develop the social, emotional, and physical confidence necessary to become leaders in the community.

The sport of sled hockey provides invaluable life experiences for those impacted by disability.  It also comes with a cost.  The Sled Hockey Foundation was formed with the goal of breaking down barriers for athletes and parents by providing support and opportunities for sled hockey around the country.

The Sled Hockey Foundation encourages everyone to attend both of these Buffalo events and enjoy the growing appeal of hockey to athletes of any ability – or disability.





Steve Wischmann

Leadership Consultant

Hockey Dad

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