Happy 2015 – A New Year’s Resolution for A Community of Commitment

Happy 2015 – A New Year’s Resolution for A Community of Commitment

The Christmas music has faded, the dry and bedraggled trees have served their magical purpose and been put on the curb for collection, and the celebrations of a year past and the new one to come are over.  Many of us have made our New Year’s resolutions and are set for a year of opportunity and potential.    

But New Year’s resolutions are tricky because the idea of transformation and positive change is very appealing, yet in fact, it usually takes a lot of work – and commitment.  After all, who doesn’t want to be better in 2015?  Let’s lose weight, quit smoking, be nicer, take a course, eat better, drink less, call Mom more, learn how to dance, save more money – the possibilities are endless.  But the task proves futile for most people.  We have a tendency to fall off the “resolution wagon” in about February as the long winter weeks drag on.

As we turn to the business of 2015 and the promise of the year, we must look to the tremendous potential of our community and commitment.  We are made stronger through our associations and the mutual resolutions that we share – that we support in each other.  With this strengthening force we might gain real momentum in realizing our best intent for the New Year.

Let’s resolve ourselves to better embrace our sled community and all of the wonderful people who participate, those who share many of our concerns and who can help us achieve our best selves.  The first resolution for 2015 could be, “enthusiastically embracing my community”.  Our associations define us – our community is us.


There is strength in numbers and comfort in cohesion. 

We must look to each other – our community.


Let’s make the second resolution for 2015, “to be more committed” – to our community, pursuits, and sport.  Commitment is the quiet energy that fills the spaces in your motivation, it holds back doubt, and builds as we accomplish our goals.  Our level of commitment directly effects our willingness to do the work to achieve.


Commitment is about our hearts and whether or not

we have it in us to be different – to be better.


These two resolutions are within reach and sustainable if we do them, because they are mutually reinforcing – they can build on each other.  Imagine a “devoted community of commitment” and its striking and limitless potential.  Yes, both New Year’s resolutions rolled into one energized locomotive of possibility could be astounding for all of us. 


We can learn how to dance, save more money, and lose weight, but let’s make our resolution for 2015 to grow and support a community of commitment.  Let’s be better, together.


Steve Wischmann

Leadership Consultant

Hockey Dad

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